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In this months making more profit newsletter we look at the Metaverse and why you might need to be thinking about it, productivity verses burnout and keeping pace with inflation.

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In the second article this month we look at...

  • Key trends in attracting and retaining employees
  • Growing your business through a recession
  • Encouraging collaboration
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Welcome to the Dec '22 bonus post.

In this article we look at

  • Scheduling software to help your clients and business contacts book meetings or calls with you.
  • How buyers prefer to purchase from firms that understand them and their needs.
  • Supply chain disruption has been an ongoing issue since the pandemic.
  • How to align your sales and marketing efforts to drive revenue growth
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Welcome to the Oct #1 CCM newsletter.

In the first article this month, we've looked at ways to improve your business: Getting more out while putting less in. We look at "the Toyota way". "Journey Mapping" your customer's experience and building a "client-centric" firm.

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Aug 22 #2

Welcome to the Aug #1 CCM newsletter. In this weeks article we cover...

  • Recruitment Challenges - Why Is It So Difficult To Hire People At The Moment?
  • Inflation Is Creating More Entrepreneurs - A Need For Additional Income Is Motivating People To Start Their Own Businesses.
  • Digital Autonomous Organisations - What Are They And What Do You Need To Know?

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