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Welcome to the May '24 tax newsletter for small businesses. Lots to cover in this month's article, including how to be part of the beta test of MTD, guidance for work travel and investing an unquoted company.

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In this month's tax news, we look at what's best; salary or dividends in 2023/24, year-end planning idea for your business and charging cars at home. We also discuss LLP. In particular, not all members are self-employed, and HMRC is challenging the LLP scheme for property business. Finally, we cover reclaiming input VAT on the sale of shares.

Small business tax news October 2023
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Welcome to the October '23 tax new blog post. This month we look at why it's important to have up to date profit forecasts for tax, quarterly payment of tax for larger companies, the Autumn Statement and we discuss rumours that inheritance tax may be abolished.

We also cover when companies are associated.

Small business tax UK news September 2023
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Welcome to the September 2023 tax newsletter. This month we cover setting up a tax free childcare account, child benefit may create a charge for high earners, merger of R&D tax relief scheme to go ahead and income on inherited pension funds. Along with other tax news.

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This month we cover the extension to deadline for topping up NI contributions, replacement of Super-deduction by "Full Expensing" and should small business still use the VAT flat rate? Plus lots more.

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Welcome to the June 2023 Tax Newsletter.

This month we cover employment-related securities returns, changes to the HMRC rate of interest and whether directors/shareholders should take advantage of it, and ask if employees should reimburse employers for private fuel.

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Welcome to the May 2023 Tax Newsletter.

This month we cover submitting your P11d forms, HMRC phasing out paper tax returns, pension allowances and possible reform of the construction industry scheme.

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In this month's tax overview, we look at the following topics...


Plus lots of other useful information and help.

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Welcome to the Dec '22 #2 CCM newsletter.

In this months tax overview we look how the recent Autumn Statement will effect you, including

  • The freezing of income tax bands
  • How more will end up paying 45% tax
  • Reduction in dividend income band
  • A mini u-turn on SDLT
  • and much more.
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Aug 22 #1

Welcome to the Aug #1 CCM newsletter. In this weeks article we cover...

  • Prime Minister Candidates And Possible Tax Cuts
  • Attracting And Retaining Key Staff With Shares

  • Beware “Rogue” R&D Consultants
  • Making Tax Digital – Update

  • More Details Of Mtd For Income Tax Reporting
  • Diary Of Main Tax Events - August / September 2022

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